KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit
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KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit


Just add a bottle or two of liquid to your order and this is all you need to start vaping today.


Kit includes:

2 x KangerTech Evod Battery

2 x KangerTech Evod Clearomizer

1 x USB Evod Charger

1 x AC Adapter

1 x Evod Core Blister Pack (5)




650mAh Evod - Should last a pack-a-day smoker most of the day. Has "5 click protection" option (push button 5 times to deactivate/activate for safety)

1000mAh Evod - lasts about 35% bit longer then the  but has "5 click protection" option (push button 5 times to deactivate/activate for safety). A little large for some users.

You can add a spare battery later if find you need to. Most users always keep a spare.

The evod manual battery comes with eGo fitting, it can work with 510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C atomizer and other eGo thread devices. This battery will run at 3.7 volts.


Evod Clearomizers:


The evod clearomizer comes with a metal tube with a window, which is more durable.  The wicks and atomizer are located on the bottom of the clearomizer to stay wet and provide more flavor and vapor.  The clearomizers are still compatible with any ego thread style.


You fill the clearomizer by unscrewing the bottom, the tip is perminately attached to the unit.  You can change the coil (atomizer, or core) by unscrewing the bottom ring then unscrewing the coil from the base ring.


  • Manufacturer: KangerTech

KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit

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