CE5 Replaceable Cores (5 pack)
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These are the CE5 cores to replace in your current CE5 core. Available in 1.5 ohm, 1.8 ohm, and 2.2 ohm. Come in packs of 5.

How to change the core of the clearomizer

 1.  Unscrew and remove the mouthpiece of the clearomizer.

 2.  Make sure there is little to no liquid in the CE5 when changing cores, it is easy to get liquid in the breathing tube in the middle when removing the core.

 3.  Unscrew and remove the core from the middle breathing tube.

 4.  Thread on a new core on the middle breathing tube and tighten.

 5.  Fill the body with e-liquid.

 5.  Then thread your mouthpiece back on and tighten.


CE5 Replaceable Cores (5 pack)

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